Wildlife in the Scottish Borders

Puffin 29Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_15509Puffin 1092 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_1550Puffin Puffin 2 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_Puffins Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_15509473

Fulmar 17 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_155086Fulmar 25 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_155086Kittiwake 31 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_155Gannet 1409 Photograph by Laurie Cam.jpg_155086394

Curlew 3204 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_1550860Curlew 3234 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_1550860Red Grouse 3901 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_155Red Grouse 6633 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_155

Red Squirrel Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_155085Red Squirrel 2796 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_1Red Squirrel Photograph Laurie Campbell (2).jpg_15Red Squirrel 106 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_15

Hedgehog Photograph by Laurie CampbellhedgeBrown Hare Photograph by Laurie CampbellBrown Hare Photograph by Laurie Campbell

Pheasant Photograph by Laurie CampbellPheasant Photograph by Laurie CampbellPheasantPhotograph by Laurie CampbellPheasantsPhotograph by Laurie Campbell

Butterfly at 2 Babingtons Cottage Scotish Borders TD12 4HAButterfly green-veined white Photograph by Laurie Campbellorange-tip butterfly 6117 L.Campbell.jpg_155095190Butterfly 1 at Babingtons Cottage Coldstream Scottish Borders TD

Goldfinch 4940 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_1Great tit 5 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_1550949wren 1917 L.Campbell.jpg_1550950633Woodpecker 4 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_155095

Shelduck 2 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_15509513Shelduck 1 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_15510Heavy Horse Centre (4).JPG_1537226117Goldeneye 16 Photograph Laurie Campbell.jpg_155095

Swan 2 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_155094884Swan 18Photograph by Luurie Campbell.jpg_1550948Swan 4891 Photograph by Laurie Campbell.jpg_155094Swan - Mute Photograph by Laurie Campbell

Badger Laurie Campbell PhotographBadger Laurie Campbell Photographbadger 2083 L.Campbell.jpg_1550680332badger 2052 L.Campbell.jpg_1550680331

Otter Photograph by Laurie CampbellOtter Photograph by Laurie CampbellOtter Photograph by Laurie CampbellOtter Photograph by Laurie Campbell

The above wildlife photographs are by kind permission of Laurie Campbell - exceptional wildlife photographer www.lauriecampbell.com 

Laurie Campbell runs photographic courses at:  http://www.aigas.co.uk/programmes/prom-by-theme/ http://www.aigas.co.uk/programmes/programmes-by-date/  


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